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While I knew sustainability was a very important concept in everyday life at the beginning of this course, I did not know how much designers and merchandisers could do to implement this concept into our world. We have a vast amount of say in making our environment cleaner and more sustainable. I define sustainability as a concept that utilized the most of our environment to not only better the Earth, but better the products that we make. Sustainable design is designing with the Earth in mind’ taking advantage of its resources and preventing the amount of waste we are exerting and creating that is slowly but inevitably destroying our Earth. My view of sustainability is now different because this course has opened my eyes to just how much damage we are doing, and how much designers can do to fix this pressing issue. This may not directly affect us personally (or so it does not seem), but it could affect our families in the future. There is so much that is already being done by designers to be more sustainable.

The first lecture that I can recall that really opened my eyes was when we watched “The Eleventh Hour” during class. So much information that specifically pointed out the damage we have already done to our Earth was brought to my attention. I always knew that our population needed to be more green and pick up sustainable habits, but I did not know specifically what we were doing that was harming the earth. The concept of Biomimicry also really stood out to me during this course. I had learned a little bit about this concept during a professional development, so I was immediately interested in it. It only makes sense that we mimic systems that work flawlessly in nature, especially with the amount of technology that we have to create these similar systems. This was evidently shown in a TED talk that we watched about making schools out of bamboo. That and many other TED talks were highlights of the course for me because of how they shared new, innovative ideas about sustainability. It is inspiring to watch as a designer. Empathic design was also a topic that we studied in this class as well as our studio class, so it was interesting to learn a lot about this concept in a short amount of time. It is always important to think about the user/client when designing a product, but it is especially important to think about when designing sustainably. In class we watched a video that I believe was about urban planning, and how we can slightly change aspects of our daily routine and our environment to live actively, as well as more sustainably.

Knowing what I know from this course, I would want to learn more in the future about how to specifically design sustainably as a designer. I know it is a goal of most buildings to be LEED Certified, but I want to know more about the best ways to ensure a building can become LEED certified. I have learned from lectures that many people are implementing new ideas into everyday life to better ensure that we are living sustainably, but I want to know how myself as an interior designer can use specific products or create certain spaces that stimulate sustainability.

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