My Journey With Sustainability – Final Blog

This class has be very insightful and interesting time in my learning career. I wish I had been introduced to some of these concepts early on in my learning because it is hard to absorb all of the information and disappointing that it is the only class discussing the issues and concepts of sustainability. Nonetheless, the most important thing I learned in class was that sustainability isn’t just about recycling it is about reducing consumption and waste, having empathy for others, understanding how nature works, mimic nature to create something sustainable, and everything in between. At first I didn’t know what to expect from this class but was very eager to learn. I want to use what I learned in class when I work for companies or have my own businesses because sustainable practices should just be non-negotiable. So I could use my knowledge and implement a system wherever I end up being. I did feel however that most of this concepts could mainly be used in interior design, trying to use the ideas in apparel design is a lot harder and I am apparel merchandising so it makes it even harder. That’s why I felt that the sustainability portion of this class really pertained to me more than the others.

Some takeaways from this class are sustainable practices and how to better evaluate working with companies that actually use sustainable practices. I would like to implement biophillic design concepts into my future retail if I actually open one. I think those are the two concepts that stood out to me the most because I could really understand them and feel like I can use them in my field. Nature in a space really helps me concentrate and it is natural way of decorating a space without trying to hard. Sustainability is eventually just going to be a necessity so I want to do what I can now to prevent furthering or expanding my carbon footprint.

Sustainability and Sustainable design in my mind mean using resources that are created in nature but are renewable or using old items and creating something new. Don’t be wasteful of food, clothing, or furniture, etc. Everything can be used in a different way than its original purpose if you just take a second to sit and think about what it is that you need it to do. Sustainable design is creating something that will last for longer than you need it but either making it do something else or donating it after you are done with it. The concept is to keep it in the loop of cradle to cradle or cradle to grave and make sure that it is beneficial to the earth when it goes into the ground. These concepts have expanded my thinking into outside of the box. Sustainability has no limitations! You do just about anything you think of and if you can’t do it then you can create a system to make it happen on your own if you see the opportunity to do so. I learned that there is just a lot more to sustainability than just recycling and energy saving, and it is a lot easier to implement its concepts than I originally thought; it doesn’t take much.

I don’t think that there is anything in this course that I expected to learn that I didn’t but I hope to keep learning about biopillia and sustainability in my field and that the companies I work for have these practices in place because now this is an important factor for me when looking for a job/career that these values are in place. I really enjoyed this class I just wish I could’ve studied this more in the beginning of my college career than at the end. But thank you so much for teaching and its been a great sustainable journey!



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