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I was not really unfamiliar with the notion of sustainability before I took this class, but I must admit that my knowledge  of it significantly increases.
Sustainability to me was a philosophical concept that involves a change in the mindset that would later translate into our actions. Indeed, I learned to be more conscious about my environment a few years ago, paying more attention to nature, reading about it, feeling it, which I ended up loving more and more as times passes.  I realized that I was really dependent on what I eat, see, smell, touches, put onto my skin  and I had no doubt that we as humans are interrelated to nature. Indeed, everything is related, human to human, human to nature, nature to nature. I started to have some profound respect for the natural environment around me. After I made some research about our African traditions, I had the possibility to discover that my ancestors have always tried to live a harmonious life with nature, because they believe in a higher Being that created everything with love, and that each of His creation components has a purpose, some value because they come from Him. It was this holistic view of sustainability I previously had in addition to some common subjects we encounter today in my field of study about building green buildings .

The sustainability class on the other end took my knowledge to another level. Although we addressed a detailed and technical overview of sustainability, I was still able to draw a big picture from it about how the different practices were still revolving around protecting nature and humans at the same time. What I like the most was the fact that we had a various choice of resources available to us to broaden our knowledge through articles, TED videos as well as very good website especially When I found myself in nature I always try to learn from the basic processes or behaviors in animals of plants I can see, so biomimicry was one of my favorite subject. It is even more interesting since it goes really deeply in understanding how organisms works, which gave us as designers a plethora of creativity inspiration.

I also enjoyed the class activities which challenged our understanding of sustainability and creativity capabilities. I was able to actually have a practical experience of what it is in reality and apply it into my field of study. I wish we had one substantial project among the really good ones we touched in class. Probably an individual project. I will definitely seek for opportunities to practice sustainability so I can gain more knowledge from it. It is not really a trend or a necessity to me, but more of something I am passionate about because I have always care for nature.

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