1: The Start of My Journey

The start of my journey to becoming sustainable has begun as of today. I have always had the idea of what I thought sustainability meant in the back of my mind. I am really excited to get to fully understand what it means to be sustainable and how I can use the information I have learned in the workforce and my everyday life.

One of the ways I have already learned how to be more sustainable at home is the way I wash my clothes. I usually wash my delicates and colors in warm water, and my darks and athletic clothes in cold. I will make it a habit to always wash my clothes in cold water, because using warm water and fabric softener uses more energy and shortens the life of my garments. For drying my clothes, I usually try to hang dry most of them saving more energy and reduce the chance of shrinkage.

In my learning community, we discussed some ways for the fashion industry to become more sustainable. We thought the easiest way for people to recycle their clothes, is to return them to the retailer fro which they purchased the clothes. Customers would also receive a discount on future products purchased for every item recycled. I would find this way of recycling easier and more beneficial because I have tried reselling clothes and they just don’t have much value anymore. I figure if I could give back to my favorite stores and retailers, I would be more willing and happy to recycle my old clothes, rather than throwing them away or let them sit in my closet being unused.

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