Blog 1 – My Sustainability Journey

I’ve always been interested in sustainable practices. But like most people, if I’m not reminded of something often, I tend to forget about it. There are days when I try my best to be observant of my actions and others when I pay absolutely no attention. I’m an incredibly forgetful person. Out of sight, out of mind, unfortunately. So, radical changes of any sort are rather difficult for me. However, I do find sustainability very interesting. I would love to work in a place that’s truly invested in being sustainable. I believe it would help me become more sustainable as well.

Something that really stood out to me this week during our readings and discussions was the idea of locally based manufacturing systems. I think it’s an excellent idea! Who knows better what a certain community needs and doesn’t need? The people who live there of course. They are the people who use of waste particular products every day. So why not have each area or region makes goods for its own area or region? We wouldn’t have an excess of products we don’t need and a shortage of products we do need. Once each area is evaluated to see what is used the most and in what quantities, the manufacturers in those areas could focus on those goods. And the best part is, each area would need its own manufacturing system, so that would create jobs for the people in that region. Right now, the world is overflowing with stuff it doesn’t need. Why not focus our energy on what we DO need and eliminate the waste that is created when unwanted products are made in excess? I believe it could make a fairly significant difference.

So far, after these first two weeks, I’m excited to see where this class is heading. The Ted talks and the articles have given me some interesting material to think about and I really do enjoy thinking outside of the box. By the end of this semester, I hope to have learned quite a bit about sustainability and about potential career paths that can be pursued in this field.

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