Expanding my knowledge

As I am going through senior year, I am starting to want to expand my knowledge on topics that I never gave that much thought to. I was talking to one of my fellow classmates the other day about how the topic of sustainability is not that interesting to me and I do not feel that I am gaining that much out of this class. I then realized that it didn’t interest me because I never put that much thought into it and never put my own life and the industry into perspective with sustainability until now.

In this class I plan to learn how to be more sustainable not only now while I am still in college, but as well as to be more sustainable when I am on my own wherever I am in the world. In college it can be so little as not using plastic water bottles and moving to camel-backs or recycling paper when you throw away flyers or other papers that I don’t need. In ways I am already sustainable, I walk everywhere on campus and near instead of driving my car and save gas and help the enviorment.

During and after this class, I cannot wait to see how this class changes my view on life in a positive way.

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