Molding a Mindful Consumer

I have to be honest, before taking this class the issue of sustainable practices was something that rarely entered my mind. Like many other Americans, I wake up and mindlessly partake in various activities and routines throughout my day that probably absorb a significant amount of energy and resources. It’s not that I intentionally mean harm to our planet or resources, but when you aren’t seeing the effects directly and immediately, I suppose it is hard to be mindful of them.

In class, sustainability was described as something that involves intergenerational responsibility, and this put the whole idea in new and heavier terms for me. In this consumer-driven world we live in today, we aren’t considering how our actions and decisions will eventually affect society and the world at large tomorrow.

Looking at the Future Through a Cartoonist’s Eyes is a reading, which highlighted one man’s creative profession of predicting future practices and innovations through his quirky and whimsical cartoons and sketches. This reading surprisingly impacted my outlook on the various and out of the box ways we can contribute to or drive change in the environment we live in. He isn’t directly creating these new advancements or inventions, but someone could see these things he creates on paper and be inspired in their own way to make something tangible with the same sustainable idea at its base.

I’m very thankful to be learning more on this subject and hope to become increasingly aware of my own carbon footprint. If we each take initiative of our own to change some of these counterproductive habits or substitute them with less harmful alternatives, the collective impact we could have on the rest of this industry could be significant.

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