Sustainable State of Mind

We all have these views on we think sustainability is or how we should approach it. To live a fully sustainable life we have to have a new mindset. While not all of us are up to the challenge, there are ways we can be sustainable. If we could just change one thing every month or two, it would make a drastic change. We are a wasteful species. We are wasteful when it comes to food, clothes, paper, and gas.

Being in fashion I need to focus my thoughts on how not to waste clothing. In the reading Fashioning Sustainability the author pointed out that our industry very unsustainable. It starts out at the very basic level with the materials. Not everyone can change how designers or companies use or get these materials, but individuals can start by purchasing items from companies that are sustainable in practices. A way that I can help is encourage sustainable practices when I get a job, even if it is just finding one way to change. It could be a simple change like the packaging when the clothes are sent out to stores, figuring out a more efficient use of transporting goods, or even offering an incentive for people who bring back their old clothes to the store (for a reuse or recycle effort to keep waste out of the landfills.)

Thinking is the first step to living a sustainable life. I am excited for this class and to learn new sustainable ways. I’m excited to see how my views of sustainability will change at the end of this course.

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