Blog #2 – It Starts with our Youth

Biomimicry was a term I had never heard of until this week. When I first heard of it I was confused as to what in the world it could possibly mean.

Then I read the article, “A Biomimicry Primer”. Learning the meaning of this word fascinated me. The idea of not only trying to produce things that nature can, but learning natures WAY of producing is a thought that never crossed my mind. The article speaks of so many examples that can really open your eyes. My personal favorite would be the Peacock inspired color using structure rather than paint. How interesting would it be if we could find a way to implement this into the retail industry? Whether it be in apparel or interiors?

All of my life I’ve always looked at insects as little annoyances that I wished would stay away from me. The Benyus TedTalk made me think of these little annoyances as geniuses. She spoke of these insects as if they were smarter than us humans… And she may have me convinced they are. It’s interesting that us humans have been trained to believe we are the smartest of all species. I know I can relate to the young boy she spoke of because growing up I always thought of humans as superior.

I believe the future of our planet begins with children now. If we can get it in their minds early on how much we can learn from organisms other than ourselves, then we will see a change in the way we do things. I feel like this new generation revolves around technology and has been deprived of seeing what is outside of the walls we call a home. Having four younger siblings, I see this issue constantly. I wish my siblings would set the Ipads down and go play outside until the street lights come on like I used to. They need to see the way a bird builds a nest, how a spider spins a web, and how bees create a hive. Without spending time outside, there’s no way children will get to see these things first hand. In order to see a change in our planets future health, we need to start with our youth.

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