Blog Two – Growing New Ideas

I remember watching Grow Your Own Clothes by Suzanne Lee in textiles class years ago. Since the Ted Talk was published in May 2011, I was curious if there were any improvements or innovations to this idea and process. While researching the topic, I found that there were little improvements but it is still being researched. I found the website This website has a lot of sustainability ideas such as ‘Bio-Concrete’, “a building material that could potentially be used to make buildings that repair themselves.”

Steven M. Johnson discusses his work habits in the article Looking at the Future through a Cartoonist’s Eyes. One thing that stood out to me is his Idea-Generating Process. When he wants to think about future inventions, he schedules time alone to think. He said that he is most creative in the morning; and that the best place for his active imagination is while he is driving on empty roads. This article makes me analyze my creative thinking. I am the opposite as him. I am most creative during the night. I am more creative during this time because I have fewer distractions, such as less communication with family and friends. I find myself having the most ideas while driving to my hometown, which is three hours away. This gives me a time to think clearly since I have limited things to distract myself. I will begin to plan out times that I can be alone when I want to brainstorm new ideas during the semester.

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