Sustainability in Fashion industry

Until my freshmen year I didn’t really know what sustainability was until I worked on a volunteer research project called “Recut, Reclaim, Repurpose: T’s to Textiles”. Working on that project gave me a head start what sustainability was like using less energy, causing less pollution, and using less renewable resources etc. or practicing our work without harming our mother nature but didn’t know how I could actually be sustainable.

However after reading the articles about fashion and sustainability and Fashion sustainability my perspective about, how sustainable our fashion is changed. Fashion and Sustainability this particular article caught my eye, as that is the field I want to work in. The Core issue motioned was about how fast the industry styles changes. As it is fast fashion it requires a quick change in styles often. In return this helps to create a lot of waste that should be taken care of. So the article focus on how sustainable our design and products should be. And the next article talks about how unsustainable apparel industry and possible solutions to make it a better and more sustainable.

Into this class I want to think about how can I adopt sustainability in my designs and helps others to be sustainable.

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