Blog Two: Sustainability in the Future

In last weeks discussion we touched on a variety of topics. A main take away for me was thinking about where sustainability is going. In our discussion we touched on fair trade and how there aren’t a lot of stores currently that carry fair trade items. I think that this is something easily attainable and can help other counties at the same time. As well as our own personal actions for example, “We are what we repeatedly do” everything that we do effects the world and everyone around us. If we repeatedly litter and don’t recycle, what effects will that hold on the environment?  Its the little things that we can do to make a difference!

3 trillion trees = 61: 1 person was a staggering statistic that I took away from the discussion. I think about all the paper that is wasted just on our campus alone. I have been personally starting to buy and use more recycled paper for that reason. I believe that we need to be more consciousness of how we are using our resources to not over use them. However something that our society is doing great now is starting to convert completely to electronics. Instead of receiving receipts in stores, they are more often being e-mailed or texted to you.

In the reading “Looking at the Future through a Cartoonist’s Eyes” I really admired his creative process and how freely he is able to think. Creating objects to be used in a variety of ways to encourage minimalism. For example, the Parka Place that was created to be a jacket as well as a tent. Thinking outside the box “envision future possibilities, we bring our creativity into play”(thinking ahead reading) forward thinking to create future sustainable items.

About Caroline Horn

Senior at Oklahoma State University, majoring in Apparel Merchandising
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