Nature as a Solution

To introduce us to this new idea of Biomimicry, this week we read an article “A Biomimicry Primer” by Janine M. Benyus. It gave me fresh eyes to view this whole topic of sustainability. In it Benyus states, “the core idea is that nature has already solved many of the problems we are grappling with: energy, food production, climate control, benign chemistry, transportation, collaboration, and more.” So the simple yet groundbreaking principle is in studying organisms, seeing how they function and then thinking innovatively about how to mimic them to produce products that can sustain our environment instead of harming it. We discussed this idea that if we take something from the earth, we should give it back, thus creating a closed loop process that is self-renewing.

We also watched various interesting Ted Talks, such as one with Suzanne Lee, who is a designer that is focusing on using biology to design her apparel. Her video was very interesting and thought provoking, though she admitted having a few features to progress on, she shares her research with the world and has an admirable drive to contribute a more natural form of fashion into the industry.

Another very interesting activity we did in class this week was a meditation practice. We were asked to visualize our future and the various details that comprise it, including our homes, what we looked like, our drive to work, and the office we arrived at. Although I had a hard time really visualizing very concrete and specific things, I was more in tune to the overall mood and tone I expect to feel when I am at that age; content, confident, and established. I did, however, operate what seemed to be some sort of hybrid car with an interesting sleek design, and was driving through a very scenic and mountainous terrain.

Overall, the topics we discussed this week were very intriguing, and hopefully after learning more about them this semester I may be able to pave the way for incorporating some sustainable practices in whatever company I wind up in.

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