Change to survive

Last week on Monday we watched the 11th Hour documentary movie. This movie gathers a group of esteemed experts like scientists, designers, historians, thinkers and leaders on how we are damaging our earth and what will happen if we continue to do. And warns saying that we don’t have much time! It portrays a larger picture of what’s happening on our planet -species extinction, climate change, soil degradation, deforestation, pollution of oceans and many more. Industrial Revolution has changed the prospect of living by growing limitlessly leading to immeasurable expansion, over population and new Technology consequently resulted in devastated eco-system – melting of ice caps, hurricanes, drought, tsunami and tornadoes. The complete human populace is now provoked with merging of crisis, which requires us to work together. Real change will require our support to the motivations and confronting the strengths and organizations that resist change. This documentary ends on a real note of faith for a vision map of sustainable future.

One thing that stood our for me in this documentary was the idea of the Architect John and Bruce who explained how we could build green buildings that would use solar energy, consume its own waste and mimicking like a tree.

Instead of in class activity there was outdoor activity about trusting our instincts.The activity was about learning from the knowledge of sensation through nature. Our first activity was to brainstorm the different functions of a jacket perform and match it up with of a tree. For me what it stood first was protection how a tree and jacket main purpose was guarding. Subsequently the activity was drawing solution from nature by taking nature as inspiration for that I came up with a solution of using resources that are produced abundantly like wind, ocean, thermal in the process of reducing the environment issues.

After end of week six my knowledge about sustainability has changed from a perspective of how our small act can damage our planet to-to what better we can do so that we can save or better our mother earth.

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