Mind opening week

Biomimicry has opened my mind to endless possibilities! I was first introduced to biomimicry in the Textiles course here at OSU a few years ago and was amazed! We also watched the video of Suzanne Lee using microbial cellulose, made from bacteria grown in bathtubs of green tea to produce clothing. The idea is to grow our clothing is amazing; however, not yet realistic as it is hydrophilic, so if worn in the rain, it will disintegrate. While I found the idea of biomimicry remarkable, without any projects focusing on the use of biomimicry, it just remained a cool idea, which I believed scientifically was a bit out of my element. However, after this week, I have decided that I can definitely come up with ideas; I will just need to collaborate with a team to design them. I LOVE the idea of a building designed like a tree or a community designed like a forest and will now try to constantly think this way when brainstorming.

In my opinion, the best part of the week was definitely the meditation session. Meditation is truly the key to exploring our minds without fear of judgment from others. I pictured many things in my future, as I would have expected, but I was shocked by some of the visions. Things that truly opened my mind to the possibility of dreams I had not allowed myself to envision, including furniture design. I would love to design and build furniture, but something has been holding me back from doing it. I will not allow negative thoughts, like the thought of failure, hold me back any longer! I am going to start building furniture by this summer, and will definitely keep biomimicry in mind while designing! Thank you for opening my mind this week and helping me realize my dreams are not out of reach!

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