The 11th Hour

The 11th Hour is a movie I have been interested in watching so I was very excited when we watched it in class. As we began watching it I was immediately flooded with fear and sadness. Seeing how we as the human race have used and abused nature and our resources is a truly frightening thing. I had no clue how bad things were until this movie shed light on it and I am sure there are many others out there just like me. If more people were informed of the negative impacts we and our actions are having on the planet I truly believe people would begin to change. We are making the world and environment a dangerous place for future generations to live. Thankfully as the movie went on and more toward the end they began shedding light on ways we can change in order to improve things. Some examples they gave were wind energy, relying on the sun more, and being more sustainable with buildings. This movie was extremely eye opening for me and I am sure others in the class. Others need to become informed as well so we can begin doing things to change the world.

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