Blog 4: The 11th Hour.

Last week in class we watched the video, “The 11th Hour” which had a lot of interesting views and insights. One of the questions that were asked related to the Industrial Revolution, which makes me think about how the world was 50 or so years ago. Humans really lived on sunlight and it was everything to them. How so many years ago our population in the U.S. was half this size and it continues to grow exponentially. We go about our every day lives, using resources as if we have them in abundance that will never run out. In the video they mention how we are not living in harmony with the planet. I thought that was a very insightful realization that we really are connected to nature, but we can act as if it doesn’t exist. Native American tribes pick every 7th berry; we should be more mindful of what we take from the earth and make sure to replenish it.

We face many issues with our ecosystem that effect us and we don’t even realize it. Our earth is continually warming up and has up to 7 degrees. In the video it was stated that in a few decades scientists predict the artic will be ice free because of global warming. Not only are we taking too much out of our oceans, we are putting too much in as well. And something that blows my mind is that over government isn’t responding because these giant corporate companies bind them.

So what should we do about this? Some proposed sustainable design approaches and insights were mentioned in the video. Our constitution should we rewritten throughout the decades to accommodate the time that we are in. And on the environmental level, they take a look at different species and compare them to modern items. Spiders spin webs that are so strong it is being compared to steel. We have the technology to build a sustainable economy, it is just up to our generation to make it happen.

About Caroline Horn

Senior at Oklahoma State University, majoring in Apparel Merchandising
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