Successfully Living Without the 11th Hour

Last week we watched a movie I could have lived without ever seeing: The 11th Hour.  While I often find myself thinking that we, as humans, destroy everything we touch, I highly disagreed with the majority of this movie.  It really frustrated me that I had to watch the movie, but what frustrated me more is that classmates agreed with the movie.

I grew up in a very Christian-based home.  I am a Christian myself.  To watch something that is so science-based is hard for me.  I don’t believe that the human race evolved from apes.  I watched another movie the other day where a character was defending his Christianity and said, “If humans evolved from apes, why are there still apes?” This topic gets very controversial.  I believe in science, but I believe in science because God created it.  I once dated a guy who was a member of the Church of the First-Born. His beliefs were very different from mine.  For instance, he didn’t believe in going to a doctor for any illness, he didn’t believe that anyone should take medicine unless it was a natural vitamin, and he didn’t believe that women should be hospitalized while giving birth.  That was all a part of his religion.  I on the other hand did a lot of thinking over the month that we dated, and in my opinion, we wouldn’t have doctors, or medicine for that matter, if God didn’t want us to.  God creates all- not science.

So for me to sit through this hour-and-a-half long movie, I really had to continuously pray for strength not to walk out.  I’m going to tell you why scientists are wrong about Earth and where it’s going. God created all, and by all, I mean you, me, the sun, the stars, Earth, the other planets, galaxies that we’ve never discovered, oceans, animals, thoughts, and he knows exactly what your future holds.  History also repeats itself. So when people say the Earth is experiencing ‘Global Warming’ I just laugh.  “Well, the Earth has never been this warm.” To that I say, “Well, you haven’t lived for 3,000 years, so you really don’t know what the Earth has experienced.” People believe in science because they can see it; I’m blessed because I believe in God and know he’s there even though I can’t see him.

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I'm a Junior majoring in interior design at OSU.
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