Pleased to meet you, Biophilia!

I am very excited about biophilia! I have seen different ways nature has been brought indoors, or the indoors providing a connection to the outdoors, but never had a name to put with the face. Biophilic design it is! Biophilia is a term used by various fields in reference to the desire for a (re)connection with nature and natural systems. I will refer to biophilic design as is relates to architecture and interior design. I really enjoyed the in class project where I designed a space using many of the 14 design patterns. I could really see the space coming to life, in a very different way than I normally do when sketching. I could feel the air from the cross ventilation, hear the water falling, smell the outdoors, and feel the warmth of the sun on my face! Having the list of these design patterns with the benefits for health and well-being is very helpful when brainstorming design ideas. Following this past week in Sustainable Design, I have drastically changed my programming for a project in Studio IV! I actually printed the “14 Patterns of Biophilic Design” and have it in my programming notebook for my final studio project. I will share that project at the end of the semester to show how I incorporated biophilic design in The Atherton Hotel project.

There were other exciting finds this week as well! Including bamboo, I mean, who knew?! The architecture done with bamboo is breathtaking! However, bamboo is not just beautiful, it is also very strong, with tensile strength of steel and it grows so fast, you have sustainable timber in just 3 years!

I am committed to coming up with a plan as brilliant as, using waste to make money, now that’s clever! I have currently started shredding old clothes to see how they work as filling in my back couch cushions!

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