Blog 5: Minimize Waste

This week in class we discussed a variety of items. Something that interests me and that we talked about was how Indian temples use flowers but throw into the river. Instead of throwing these flowers out, they were turned into incense. I like the idea of finding different ways to reuse our resources and think that these are things that we could implement into our own lives. A statistic that we looked at was how society had been farming for 12,000 years and we have only lived in cities for 250 years. Reflecting on those numbers blows my mind to think how cities haven’t always been around. As our society evolves we have been harming our environment and now we need to go back and learn how to make our cities sustainable.

A concept from the reading and that captured my attention were the the ten different “commandments.” Connecting that back to the flowers being thrown into the river, the first concept of “Using waste as a resource” or “Design to minimize waste.” I really like this concept and think it is very applicable in every day lives. This is “To keep our system from collapsing on itself” building a no waste economy! Something to strive for and very ambitious, but I think would keep our earth happy! Use old garments that are no longer worn but recycle them to others that need them. Use destroyed jeans as insulation in houses. Lets minimize the waste in our society!

About Caroline Horn

Senior at Oklahoma State University, majoring in Apparel Merchandising
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