Smells and Thoughts

Last week I missed class because of a stomach bug.  I don’t have much to reflect on, but I had time to do some extra thinking.  My house has been sprayed by skunks almost continuously since last Monday evening as it is mating season.  My whole life smells like skunk right now, I think, but it got me thinking on how to be sustainable with ridding my house of a potent odor.  (Side note: I don’t understand why people pay so much money for perfume when a main ingredient is skunk spray.) Normally, if I was at my parents, I would shoot the awful-smell creating creatures; however, living on my own, I prefer to pretend to ignore such things- it’s easier, or so it seems at the time. According to Pinterest, the best advice I could find was to “Let your house air out, shampoo your carpet, hire an exterminator, and allow sunlight into your home.” I finally had some time at home Monday, so I opened windows and doors and turned on my fan, only to realize that I still had my heater going (not very sustainable). Then I went outside to investigate and came to the realization that the skunks had sprayed directly in front of my air unit out back. That’s when I became more sustainable. I turned off my heater for two days and went to my parents’ house.  When I came back yesterday, my house smelled better! Hallelujah! The moral of the story is, when skunks spray your house, remember to turn off your A/C or Heater before you open your doors and windows.

About knsanderson

I'm a Junior majoring in interior design at OSU.
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