Biomimicry and Empathetic Design

In class this week we wrapped up biomimicry. Although we have talked about biomimicry for a while this week really helped to know how to integrate it in my future. This class has taught me to be more conscious about the environment as well as to look toward nature for ways to improve sustainability. Whether nature inspires the actual store building or the clothing itself biomimicry is growing in the fashion industry.

The next thing we discussed was empathetic design. Empathy and sympathy are different because empathy is stepping in someone else’s shoes, while sympathy is feeling sorry for someone.  For the final project my group will step into the shoes of the elderly and see what it is like living as they do. Empathetic design can help others so much but it takes time and effort to see the world as another person does.

These ideas take thinking out of the box and a lot of trial and error. However, once a good idea is made it can change others lives as well as the community.




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