Blog 6: Intro To Empathic Design

Affective vs Cognitive:

Watched a video of a baby eating cake and we were to describe what we felt as a baby eating cake for the first time, then describe what the baby in the video is feeling.

My feelings: I was feeling happy and excited to be eating cake.
Video baby’s feelings: The baby is just feeling the cake and playing with it then puts her face in the cake.

TED Talk: Hospital Walls

When you lie in a hospital bed all day you look at the ceiling all day. They prototyped some things to see what the patient would like. Used a bike mirror to be able to talk to your nurse while being wheeled. Then the nursing staff wanted to get involved was that they decorated the ceiling and the floor. Then they took white boards and put a sticker on there. People were able to write messages to the sick patient. Seeing things for the first time brings possibility to create. Using a peripheral vision is a great place to look. Designed a one handed data input for when nurses are in surgery, they tend to one have one hand available. So they thought of a one handed device with a thumb spinner on the side.

Empathic Design:

Empathic is just one aspect to sustainability. I believe empathic design is trying to point out why the problem exists and getting down to the bottom of it. This is good for already existing solutions, but creating more satisfying solutions. in regarding sustainability, we must look how to implement solutions that will change behavior and the way we are as consumers. the Future Kitchen:

Get suggestions what to cook. Timer is for who much effort you want to spend. Place on cutting board for advice how to prepare them. Scales for proportions and for batters. Browse recipes and be inspired by friends and family. The table will guyed you thought the recipe. Get ingredients and place can on table to the heat on boil and timer. Coffee stays warm and etc. This is awesome! They integrate designs that are for many different uses such as a kid playing on the counter to cooking chicken on a skillet. They have such amazing innovative solutions I have never thought we would be seeing in my generation. I am very impressed.

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