Blog 6 – Wrap up of Biomimicry

This week was a short one for me, unfortunately. I was able to attend on Monday but due to a strange allergic reaction to something, I was not able to attend on Wednesday. The doctors aren’t quite sure what I reacted to, but my face was swollen and broken out in hives, so I wasn’t able to do much on Wednesday. I did find our lecture on biomimicry interesting though. It was a nice wrap up to everything we had been talking about. My favorite part was the discussion about the honey comb structure and how it’s used for hip protection pads, in helmets, and in different types of furniture. After reading about this, I found an article about that talked about the honey comb structure. It was about scientists that had created bone like material that was lighter than water but as strong as steel and it was designed into a honey comb structure. It was quite interesting. This is a picture of it below.


The article, skinning future textiles, was also pretty thought provoking. I liked the fact that it touched on Suzanne Lee’s method of growing clothing in her own bathtub. Her process of using microorganisms to create a textile from fermentation is definitely revolutionary. I also liked how the article spoke about using the skin and the body basically as textiles. The section that really caught my interest was the part about Lucy Mcrae, a body architect. By essentially “hacking” the functions of our skin, she designed a swallowable perfume pill so that when the body sweats, perfume then comes out of the pores. Although I’m not entirely sure how healthy or good for the body something like this may be, it is still a genius idea. Sweating is a natural part of life but people are constantly trying to find ways to cover up the smell or prevent the sweating from even happening in the first place. Because of the type of society we live in today, being sweaty and smelling sweaty is considered gross, but no one has ever thought to tackle this problem from the inside of the body. I think it could still be tinkered with, but this idea could really be on to something in our day and age. It would completely cut out the middle man of putting on deodorant and perfume or cologne. Overall, the article really got me thinking outside the box, or even inside I guess you could say, and I truly enjoyed its perspective on the subject.

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