Empathic Design

During this week, we learned about the design process “Empathic Design”. I have to say I really do like this design process approach. The “Empathic Design” focuses on consumer’s positive emotion to promote sustainability rather than focuses on material or technology aspects in design area.

As I have learned, the concept of “Empathic design” is an approach that could improve a sustainable design process. The design approach of Empathic Design points out that consumer as the center for designing. Driving from Empathic Design, designers seek to build a durable relationship between consumer and product, in which offer deep product attachment and satisfaction, therefore, enhancing long-term product for consumers. Two positive ways that can promise enhance the durable relationship: encourage consumers to engage in design process in order to improve or emphasize their active role; another way is to give the power to consumer, in which they can complete do-it-yourself practices in order to express consumers’ individuality. Another reason I really do like this design process is because I think it matches my proposal. It can help me to explain why I choose transformational design as my design approach to develop my thesis. I can say the concept of transformational design encourage consumers to participate in design process, and then try to let consumers to keep their garments longer.

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