Empathic Design and Design Slam

Before spring break we started talking about empathic design. I really enjoy learning more about this section of this class. It is interesting to take on someone else’s perspective and their needs when trying to design for a specific target. I really enjoyed going to the lab to test out the different equipment in there. The glasses showing all the different diseases and impairments that elderly people face, was terrifying. It was also interesting to view the people in the different GERT suits and try to preform everyday activities.

I enjoyed the design slam. Our community designed a shoe that was for a teenage boy. Different parts of the shoes were interchangeable so that you could trade them out for credit and able to customize them. It was interesting trying to come up with a product in 30 minutes. You have to really think about where it is that your customer really needs and how to achieve it. While also thinking about sustainable aspects.

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