Design Activism

When reading about this topic, it really stood out to me about what will be next in the design industry and what will be next to use for design. In this day and age, more people counting myself go with the “less is more” aspect of life when it comes to my life style and how I design. They use the natural design in the house and more of a breathable environment to not feel stressed or suffocated in. In the two types of capital; human and natural capital, I feel that human capital is more important because without their thoughts and emotions throughout design, there is no where to go or a vision of design to bounce off of. Human capital is where the vision of the design comes from and life springs off of that for a better outcome. Connecting to sustainability off of that, there is no waste of physical capital coming from something you winged and didn’t like in the end because there is already such a vivid end desire coming from the new idea for design.


A conclusion and more personal connection to this, I connect on it because a little less than often I change my taste in design and what I like to be absorbed by. In my recent years I have become more alike to a simplistic and more girly way of life with a more natural taste with a splash of glitz and glamour; however I do create these new tastes off of things I already have so I do not waste my resources or buy something new and create clutter.


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