Blog 8

Monday was a very interesting day for our class. Spending the morning visiting the sustainability office as well as the recycling plant on campus was very eye opening. Learning about how Oklahoma State’s campus is taking things we have learned in class and actually doing them in real life was very cool to see.

We learned that OSU has been voted the greenest college and is also LEED certified. Not only that, but the student union is working to become gold certified. There are so many hidden things about the student union that are sustainable that I’m sure not many students are aware of. One thing the union does that i found to be very neat is the way it catches rain to then use to water the plants surrounding the building. Something as simple as watering plants has been turned into a sustainable practice that is benefiting everyone. I thought it was really interesting when we went into the upholstery room where they recover furniture throughout campus; that was something i was unaware we had on campus. Visiting the recycling plant was especially eye opening to me. I am not one to recycle and honestly am not very informed on the subject. Going to the plant and seeing how it works behind the scenes has really made me rethink the way i dispose of products and how i have been living my life.

I have always enjoyed the TED talks we watch in class so watching 5 of them for an assignment was fun! I watched one called How to Grow Fresh Air. When i first read the title i had no idea what to expect but for some reason was drawn to it. After watching it i was really surprised at all that i had learned. Three different plants were discussed and with these three plants alone we can produce all of the fresh air in doors we need to live.

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