Blog 8: In My City


We met at OSU physical plant for a little field trip. She presented us a presentation over sustainability. 3 pillars of sustainability are Environment, Economic and Social aspects. They really want to enforce environmental stewardship to the freshman. There is a lot of research being conducted everyday. 150 research abstracts have already taken place. Outreach to the community is a big way for practicing environmental stewardship. Some things OSU us doing to become greener:

-LEED certification, working to get every new building certified

-Working on making SU gold level

-Getting rid of styrofoam, close to bus station with small solar power panels, capture

rain water for the Atherton for the herbs and plants around the building

-Tree Campus USA

-Arbor Day

-Kiosk describes the innovations going on at the SU

-Transportation Department: 70% converted to CNG, working on 100%, carpooling

-Dining: local, organic, and vegetarian food, Level 1&2 plastics, composite program

where farmers pickup and bring back produce

-Cowboy Wind Farm in Blackwell!

-Geothermal Buildings: Water underground to warm and cool the buildings with

steam(incredibly efficient)

-Solar on gates, parking meters, etc.


Energy Conservation Program:

-Established in 2007

-Work with the staff to remind them little things are a difference

-Saved over $35 million based on behavioral changes

-Measured the carbon footprint on campus as well(scope 1 & scope 2), about 8,000

passenger vehicles


Waste Management:

-OSU Surplus takes furniture to reuse for other people

-Real Pokes Pass It On- takes any left over and donates

-Water Fountains in SU- 4 fountains multiplied to 40 campus wide

-Reusable cups at dinging and receive a discount

-Game day recycle of cans

-Paper & Card Board recycled

-2013 Campaign started with a committee, in charge of growing the     program at OSU

-Recycling in residential halls (cans, bottles, aluminum, paper)


Stillwater Recycling Coalition:

-Address the whole city of Stillwater

-Trash bins in city limits

-Recycling taken to Cedar Creek Farms

-Water and Wastewater

They provided us a way to connect with them using the following:




The TED talk that stood out to me the most was Mark Bittman’s, “What is Wrong With What We Eat”. I have been interested in learning more about the process of what the food I eat goes through within its lifecycle. I don’t consume much processed or junk food. But I am however, mislead by whether or not something is really all that healthy. He talks about how margarine used to be died pink to be known it wasn’t real butter. My view on meat was totally changed once he stated that cows are stuffed with soy and corn. I will now be eating meat only from grass fed cows, even though I try not to eat a lot of beef in general. If it means I need to cut beef out of my diet so be it. It will save the 10 billion cows being killed a year. By killing these animals, atmospheric altering gasses and green house gas emissions are being released into our air. I am going to make a conscious effort to eat more vegetables, providing my body with the nutrients it needs.

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