Blog 8 – OSU and Sustainability

Facility Field Trip
I found the trip we took around the Physical Plant and the Recycling Plant very interesting and eye opening. I had no idea OSU was this involved in sustainability! It made me very proud of my school to find out all the things they are doing to be more ecofriendly. For instance, OSU is working on being LEED certified and they are trying to make every building at least silver certified. The student union is also incredibly sustainable. It catches rainfall on the roof and then the water is used to help water the grounds and the gardens. OSU also has its own wind farm from OG&E and it produces approximately 72% of OSU’s power. The recycling plant is a wonderfully addition as well. What really surprised me was how recent the recycling plant was added. Other colleges, like OU, have had recycling areas and state of the art equipment for years and years and ours was just added a few years ago. I’m just glad we join the recycling movement. The recycling plant is still growing and improving, but they’ve already helped make a difference in how we dispose of things on campus. I’d be excited to see how it much it grows over the next several years!

TED Talks
The five TED Talks that I watched for this week were The tradeoffs of building green by Catherine Mohr, How to grow fresh air by Kamal Meattle, Are mushrooms the new plastic by Eban Bayer, We’re covered in germs, let’s design for that by Jessica Green, and How to make filthy water drinkable by Michael Pritchard. They were all quite interesting, but the two that really stood out to me were the one about making clean, drinkable water and the one about growing your own fresh air. Those really spoke to me because clean air and water are so incredibly important, yet quite hard to find sometimes. I, personally, have breathing problems so the talk about growing your own fresh air really hit home with me. It was an interesting way to improve your health that I had never really thought of before. I’ve used different types of fans or humidifiers in the past to try and improve the air around me, but this is a much more simple and energy saving way to do it. It is definitely something that I will be looking into. Now for the water idea, I am not in an area that has trouble finding clean water (thank goodness), but I am a bit skeptical of regular tap water from our faucets at home. I’ve never fully trusted them, so I’ve always had water filters on the faucet in our kitchen to make sure my water truly is clean. He only problem with this is that it isn’t portable, which isn’t a major issue for me. But for people in a disaster area, they don’t have faucets to bring them water. They have to make do with whatever they can find around them and this is why I think this water bottle idea is absolutely genius.

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