Looking At The Bigger Picture

This was an interesting week. We had a tour of the sustainability offices on campus and a tour of the recycling plant. I thought it was interesting to see how Oklahoma State is implementing sustainability practices. I had no idea about the ways they redo the furniture on campus. I just thought that they got new furniture all the time instead of refinishing it or reupholstering it. At the recycling plant I found it interesting that they collect the cardboard from all around campus. They pile it into the middle of this big room and sort it. From there they put it into this compactor and make bales out of it. It eventually gets sold and hauled off. I also found it interesting that they bale shredded paper there too. I would have never thought you could do that.

We also had the task this week to watch 5 TED talks. The most interesting TED talk that I watched was the Tales of Ice Bound Wonderlands. It was a long TED talk but it had great pictures and an interesting story behind it. This guy did a documentary for National Geographic. He took pictures of wildlife and the oceans surrounding the Artic and Antarctica. I found it interesting that there are so many microorganisms living in ice. I just thought when ice melted that was it.  I did not know how much the climate change hurts, even in the little ways. It helps in my sustainability journey because I get to understand about something that has been here for over 100,000 years and how it changes due to climate change. We have a good understanding of how the climate is changing just by looking at ice. It is a good free resource to look at. We also have to learn how to better conserve it, because if we lose it then we are in trouble with billions of organisms. We also need to better understand the animals that live in or by the oceans or seas. Studying these animals that are in the cold and icy regions can also better help understand what is going on and also lets us see in perspective what we risk to lose if we do not seek a way to save the ice.


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