Blog 7: Outdoor Activity

This activity was interesting and challenging at the same time! It caused me to think critically about our environment and innovative solutions that I could create to solve problems. In my assignment I wrote about how blinded we are by the actions that we carry out on an every day basis. My opinion is that our society is run on instant gratification… this causes us to ignore the ramifications of our current actions that end up effecting the future of our environment. We are all guilty of effecting our environment in a negative way, but the important part is being aware of our actions enough to change them. I struggled coming up with new radical solutions of issues that we face and I think that as the course progresses hopefully I will develop better skills to do so. It was also interesting to evaluate a building/jacket and a tree. Looking at both and connecting them to one another was a great way to see how we can learn from nature. This is a great brainstorming action to come up with new solutions.

About Caroline Horn

Senior at Oklahoma State University, majoring in Apparel Merchandising
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