Design for Human Needs

This week we talked about the needs of people and what makes us happy. We studied the happiness barometer. When we look at designing for human needs we need to look at different factors. The human needs are being, having, and doing. For being humans need to create through imagination or inventiveness and have a sense of identity or a sense of belonging.   Having is a need to create through skills, techniques or work. When we are doing we have a sense to create through inventing and building. Humans also have a social need, which is the need to help others and interact socially. We looked at this woman who wore the same little brown dress every day for a year.   We also looked at the cost of a t-shirt and figured out that you can raise the labor cost to 38 cents and still turn a profit.

We also looked at the company IDEO this week. Tim Brown created this company. This company takes into account design activism. It is a design and innovation-consulting firm that helps organizations or businesses. It helps design for human needs instead of looks. We need to take into account of the things we learned this week to become better designers for the needs of humans instead of our own needs.

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