Yesterday in class, we participated in the LOLA show. Each person picked a topic to do their presentation over that pertained to a branch of sustainability. Alexus chose to do hers over TOM’s brand, Caroline did hers over Patagonia, Ashley did hers over Alzheimer’s disease, and I did mine over Sherwin-Williams Paint Shield paint.

I liked Alexus’s and Caroline’s presentations because they made good points on how their brands relate to Sustainability.  I didn’t know that TOM’s had branched out into eye wear, coffee beans, and bags.  They still have their one-for-one program that gives a pair of shoes to children in under-developed countries for every pair bought.  They now also help restore eyesight by helping to pay for surgeries, eye wear, and eye exams. They also provide clean water to countries where their coffee beans come from; they also provide training for anti-bullying.  I think Patagonia is a great company, and I learned even more from Caroline.  One-percent of their profits go to helping the environment.  They want people to reuse their products and fix them instead of buying new.  They also tell people not to buy their products unless they absolutely need them.  They give any extra money to a fund for their employees to use in places where they need them.  Caroline’s presentation rubbed me wrong, and I didn’t see her presentation as pertaining much to sustainability.

I learned more about Sherwin-Williams yesterday by researching their new Paint Shield product.  Sherwin-Williams has been working hard to be more sustainable.


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I'm a Junior majoring in interior design at OSU.
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