Extra Blog; Sustainability at its Finest

These past two weeks have been eventful in Sustainability class. Last Monday the class presented LOLA shows. I learned about inexpensive hunting gear and fashion forward shoes for those struggling with diabetes. Due to an upset stomach I left class early that day, not able to present my LOLA show. I was graciously allowed to present my LOLA show on Wednesday. I did my LOLA show about a company in Germany called Trivaga. I found this company on the fashion positive website. I thought their sustainable practices mixed with my German heritage would be a match made in heaven. It gets scary presenting in front of the class all by yourself but everyone was supportive and had great questions about the products. During that same day we had a Design Slam, I would have to say the Design Slams are my favorite part of sustainability class. Not only does it make the class think outside the box but it is so interesting to see what other groups came up with. All of the ones during this class period were even better than the previous time. My group came up with a duffel bag for Tom Hanks so he can keep his messy life together. My group felt so bad for Tom Hanks situation and struggled for a while to make something for him. We found that a duffel bag would fit his needs as well as using sustainable materials of course.

During that week I learned about many different companies that were sustainable and can be purchased now. As a merchandising student wanting to eventually open my own store this hit home. I could actually carry some of these products in store and reduce mine and others carbon footprint. This week also sparked my imagination of what could be invented for others by just having empathy and thinking outside the box.

This week made the end feel so near we began breaking into our final groups for the final project. My team is Elizabeth, Gaby and me, we were assigned Mrs. Mebby. When went to the retirement community Mrs. Mebby was joyful, bubbly, hilarious and so much more. As a group we are excited to design for her and we are coming up with a pretty good idea. I am excited to see what everyone designs and the reactions of the elderly we are designing for. This project not only focuses on sustainability but also empathic design. These people we are designing for have had past issues that need to take a different approach than designing for one of our peers.

This week I learned curry is pretty good. Also that empathy is key to a successful design. Never be afraid to walk in someone else’s shoes to figure out what they want and need.

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