LOLA Shows

Last week we presented our LOLA show projects and we had a wide variety ( for our class size) of topics and differentiation of personalities and goals. While mine was focused on empathic design for elderly with Alzheimer’s and focusing on comfort in clothing while they go through something tragic, my classmates had ideas off of clothing that have strong reasoning behind the product and even home improvement for hospitals with Sherwin Williams paint.

Alexus presented her LOLA show through TOMS Shoes, that are widely known for when a consumer buys a pair of shoes they give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. They use organic materials, and light weight as well as Eco-friendly materials. As well as shoes, they create TOMS eye wear helps to restore eyesight to people by surgery, glasses, treatment or medical prescription.

Caroline did her presentation over Patagonia, which if you know Caroline, this is her favorite brand because of what it does and what Patagonia stands for.Patagonia uses organic cotton and supports biodiversity and healthy ecosystems while improving the quality of soil and often use less water.They also use traceable down insulation because they are concerned with animal welfare.

Kaitlyn did Sherwin William Pain Shield Micro-bolical Interior Latex Paint which is essentially paint shield paint and is designed to be used in hospitals, athletic facilities and schools. The chemicals in this specialized paint does many different actions while being used while actually being sanitary while in use and can make a patient or person around it get better since patients in hospitals often get another illness while being in the hospital for an already diagnosed illness.

I find all of these products and reasoning interesting, and I wish I had more to share of all the fascinating features off of all these products but I did not get all the facts down. I would endorse all of these products and companies and I hope if anyone buys products like these, they choose these specific products and companies.



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