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At the beginning of this class, I knew next to nothing about sustainability and did not care much at all for it. Throughout this class we have learned many aspects of sustainability and how it could work throughout our lives. At first I thought it was just recycling paper and using less light in your home like we have been taught since the very beginning of life; but there is so much more that goes into sustainability and using in in your everyday life. I think when my mind really opened up to sustainability was when we learned about empathic design. Since I am an emotional person already and I like to help people through things they do and how they feel, this spoke to me about how you can design to fit their specific needs and not just a general type of design. I also liked the last class with what we talked about if you are a activist, communicator entrepreneur or teacher. I am most definitely a communicator because I like to socialize with people and teach them about stuff they might not know about.

In general, at first I was not excited for this class, but now I am sad to leave it because of how close my class got and the fun we had in the class even though we all know I was the least interested in the topics and usually did not know how to understand it. I will definitely take what I learned in this class with me as I move out of college and create my own life.

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