Final Epiphany Blog: Where do we go from here

How would you now define sustainability and sustainable design, in your own words?
I would now describe sustainable design/sustainability as way of changing the way we design for the average consumer, keeping in mind how its lifecycle impacts not only the present but future generations as well. I have really enjoyed watching the TED talk pertaining to sustainability. I especially love the ones that cover food and animals. I feel as if our world is not concerned with the living organisms that live in our environments and being sustainable has a direct impact on all life on earth.

Is this different from how you conceptualized these concepts at the beginning of the course?
I think my perception of the concept of sustainable design has greatly changed from my thoughts at the beginning of the course. I had always thought of only the surface ways to be sustainable: recycling, being green, and using solar panels in my home. I was only concerned about what my actions were affecting the earth today not in the long run or even preserving it for future generations.

Discuss some of the most pronounced epiphanies and/or learning outcomes you have had during this course and/or the most important things you will take away.
Some of the major epiphanies I have ad during this course are pertaining to how I can take the what I have learned in this class and pass it on to my peers and co-workers. Not many students are required to take sustainability course for their major, which I find very sad. I think if people were educated and shown what the impacts of the way we are carelessly living, they would be more inclined to live a sustainable life. With the upcoming election, there could be major changes to things in the economy to help preserve our planet and I think it is very important for people to be educate what the candidates’ opinions and actions they will take to contribute to the help with global warming/climate change.

Some more important things I will take away with me, include how I can be proactive in the work place. I hope to find a company who has the same value I have and passion for sustainability. I hope they will help me grow in my journey and I can help them grow as well.

Knowing what you know now, what do you want to learn more about in the future? And/or, was there something you expected to learn in the course that you did not?

I would like to know more in the future ways big fashion labels and brands are changing the way they design and their stand on sustainability. For example, i have always heard that brands such as Louis Vuitton and Chanel burn all their unsold handbags! This is all to prevent putting a lower price tag on their purses. I get that they are trying to sustain the value of their brand but that is a little ridiculous.

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to be educated and aware of ways I can make a difference in the world.


Jessi Womble

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