My sustainABILITY

At the beginning of the semester, I did not expect to learn all of the things that I have. When asked, “define sustainability” the first day of class, the only thing that I could think of was recycling. After attending classes and reading more about sustainability, I realized that there is much more to sustainability and sustainability design than I thought. I think sustainability is only taking what the environment allows us to without harming it in the process. Sustainability is not something that is important for the present time. The future greatly depends on the sustainable choices that we make today.

One of my favorite topics of the class was biomimicry. I never thought something like this could lead to innovative and new ways to solve problems in sustainability and other difficulties. Throughout the past semester I have been wondering what I want to do with my career in fashion design. After studying empathic design and realizing how important it is to others, I have decided to look for jobs that I can contribute my talent to helping others. Sustainability design is something that I look for in potential jobs.

The most important thing that I will takeaway from this course is how it impacted my life. Before this class, I thought I was being sustainable. My habits have changed in major ways. I am more cautious about recycling. I feel guilty if I throw away something that can be recycled. I also decreased my shopping habits greatly. I never realized how shopping habits could effect the environment and the people that are making the items I purchase.

In the future, I want to learn more about ways that I can contribute to helping others and the environment. The TED Talks were very inspiring and I plan to watch at least one talk a week. I also want to learn more about ways that the fashion industry can be changed for the better.

There is nothing that I expected to learn in this course other than what I knew about sustainability in January. I think that this class should be taught to every freshman in college. I know that if I took this class as a freshman, I would have been more sustainable throughout my college career.

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