Sustainability Journey

Wow it is so crazy to think how fast this semester flew by, I remember the first day of Sustainability class. I could barely keep my eyes open since it starts at eight am and I thought “this class does not apply to me I am not a “green” person”. We went around the class that first day saying what we thought sustainability was I said something around the lines of recycling and keeping the Earth clean.  Although this does include some of what sustainability is it does not touch the true meaning. That first day I did not think how this class would affect my life and my future.

Even if it was not on purpose I seemed to have a smaller green footprint than others in my past. I do not like drinking water or any other kind of drinks out of bottles I prefer using reusable cups. I try not to drive a lot to keep from spending money and walking is good for my health. I buy some of my clothes from thrift stores and sell my unused clothes to Plato’s closet it in Tulsa. All of these things are a small start but as the class progressed I saw that I was already beginning my Sustainable Journey just a few life changes and I would be on a better path.

During this semester I learned about so many different theories and how they can transform the future with just a little imagination. One of my favorite theories taught is Biomimicry I love the idea of clothing and other designs mimicking nature. It made me think what nature already offers and how I can apply it to fashion or life in general. Another theory I found fascinating is Cradle to Cradle, yes I give my clothes back to consignment stores and charities but I never stopped to think what would happen to those clothes. Cradle to Cradle is the cycle that electronics or clothing goes through, wether that may be recycling it into a new garment or making it out of biodegradable products to become soil again. The last theory I want to touch on is empathic design, empathic design is stepping into someone else’s shoes to design something best fit for that person’s wants and needs. This idea is super important for elderly people or people who have special needs.

So from my time in class Sustainability is not just making the Earth a better place but providing for the needs of others in a more thoughtful way. Something I am wanting to do in the future is to have my own store that gives back to the community but while I am at it I should give back to the Earth as well. Just a few short weeks changed my opinion on sustainability. Fast Fashion may go out of style but Sustainable styles never will.





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