Sustainability through my eye


At the beginning of the semester, I had a slight idea what sustainability was as I worked on a volunteer research project called “Recut, Reclaim, Repurpose: T’s to Textiles.” I believed that sustainability was more of using less energy, less pollution, and less renewable sources or practicing our work without harming our mother nature but didn’t know how I could be sustainable. But as the learning began I admit that my knowledge on sustainability is increased over the time. Now I can define sustainability in my words as rational methods or concepts that include change in the attitude and lifestyle which, could later impact our systems and translate positively towards our environment. Sustainability design deals with incorporating these concepts and methods into the steps taken by the designers and organizations to be or become more sustainable.

Through the semester, there are many learning’s, but I felt few were important takeaways for me as a designer and also a person. One such module was Biomimicry, mimicking/ imitation of the systems, models and elements from the nature to resolve the intricate human problem. One such TED talk was about growing fabric from tea. It is inspiring to watch as a designer how these shared innovative ideas about sustainability can are a great inspiration. Also, empathic design plays a key role for a designer to design a product or service by stepping into the client’s shoes as it helps to design well. My learning epiphany comes from my LOLA show. The topic was the empathic design I looked onto IDEO website for inspirations Tempur Pedic Mattress was one such product which caught my thinking. Yes, every semester there are so many mattresses, which are thrown out to trash by students as they cover on the mattress wear off or gets stained. So IDEO came up with a solution for Tempur pedic to develop covers that are easily removable and washable. In this way, they can reduce the amount of mattress junked, the amount of energy and resources required to make a new mattress.

The design activities/slam we did made me challenging by understanding sustainability in creative competency and learning. I had a great practical experience of how a situation can be solved by applying the concepts we learnt in the area of our study. The TED talks and videos such as Kamal Meattle: How to grow fresh air, 11th Hour, were a great way of learning how to be, why do we need to be sustainable and also what is it contaminating or damaging our nature.

In the future I want to learn more about sustainability by watching the TED talks (which is an excellent way to know what’s happening), learn to incorporate 3R’s into my lifestyle (recycle, reuse, reduce). As I walk out from my last class, I feel I gained more knowledge from my learning’s, reading on sustainability. It was interesting how everyone on the bigger perspective is trying to be sustainable by doing their bit in every way possible just to improve the lives of the future generations.


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