Final Epiphany

After the semester in this class, I think I would now define sustainability as something that goes beyond my initial idea of just green initiatives and recycling. It is all about better caring for the earth around you and the way you respect it. If we take better care of the planet, it will be a better place for future generations and people. We need to stop looking to nature as an infinite supply of goods and resources, and instead decide to respect the interactive responsibility it requires from us. We are stewards of where we live, and must respect nature and treat it as a privilege and not a right. Sustainability can no doubt be implemented in design, and it is important we try to make these changes soon because the fashion industry is one of the most wasteful.

I learned so much from the activities, lectures, and Ted Talks in this class. Specifically, I really enjoyed the film we watched, The Eleventh Hour. It felt like a formal call to action and did really well with outlining the issues we face not just as individuals trying to make sustainable changes, but how society as a whole needs to be restructured. I also really benefitted from learning about empathic design. It really touched me to see how impactful some of our creations can be if we only take the time to put ourselves in our clients shoes. I also found a lot of interest in the aspect of how many things can be designed simply with more sustainable materials, and even all the alternatives that already exist for many very wasteful products and things that exist now.

It’s interesting that I have taken this class at this point in my college career, because looking forward, though I am very passionate about the fashion industry, I have also felt I want to do something in my career to help people. So I have had this struggle essentially not knowing how to combine these two things just yet. After gaining a perspective on empathic design through this class, I feel drawn in to this idea of assisting people through design. This is something that can hopefully ease people’s day-to-day activities and even help them grow confidence and independence. I loved learning about this concept and hope to implement it one day. And also just my growing knowledge about sustainable materials and thinking with the impact of the earth in mind, I feel passionate about learning more and hopefully making a positive impact in that way with whatever I decide to do in the future.

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