What Did I Get Myself Into?

If we’re being completely honest, when I first saw a class on my schedule called Wicked Problems… I wasn’t so sure what I was getting myself into. I attempted to look into what it was during the summer before school started, but I just couldn’t seem to figure it out. But now I know that I am going to survive the short 4 weeks I have in this class.

So Tuesday I stroll into class almost worried to see what this Wicked Problems class was all about. So I get in, take a seat, we start our discussion, and then we watch this HORRIFIC movie. Now I’m really thinking, “Oh my goodness what am I doing to myself?”. But, then Thursday comes around and we start to go more into depth of what a wicked problem actually is and I start to realize, “Wow, okay this class is actually going to be pretty amusing!”.

I now know that a wicked problem is a problem with infinite solutions, due to the different locations of the problem and people’s beliefs and so many other factors.

Along with learning what in the world a wicked problem is, I also learned about a very real and alive wicked problem happening all around us, global warming. Global warming is when CO2 has been released into the atmosphere so much that it actually has raised the temperature of the atmosphere. Along with this, we are running out of fossil fuels which in today’s day in age we rely so much on that we might not be able to survive without them. And quite frankly I’m not so sure that there is a solution at all to these problems, but I very well believe that it is our fault that these problems have arose.

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