Are We Born Wicked or is Wickedness Thrust upon Us?

Our world has a few wicked people, wicked times, and wicked places, but our world has more wicked problems than we know what to do with. Finding classes, trying to become as involved as possible, making new friends, and figuring your place in a massive college is hard enough, and yet all of us must find the time to adjust. And adjusting is exhausting. It is difficult to leave family behind and immerse yourself in a new environment without a few breakdowns. However, there is only one way to forget you are adjusting and that is to become adjusted. It’s easier said than done, and I have yet to master it. However, that is a minute problem compared to the wicked problems our world encounters today.

Despite all the problems of today, we seem to be repeating what we should have already learned from. If we do not learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it. The downfall of the civilization of Easter Island shows us the struggles of the people and the shortcomings they faced. The almost uninhabitable island was used to provide the civilians with the bare necessities such as select food, shelter, and transportation. Much of this relied on the access to wood. As they became more structured, a belief system emerged that required them to build stone heads. Despite the apparent progress, in retrospect they took one step forward and two steps backwards. Each statue required wood to transport it to the desired location, therefore depleting the trees. The once prosperous society essentially killed itself off by overusing the already limited resources.

We must become more aware of the excess we use. We have become so dependent on the luxuries of today, that we forget how they affect our “island.” Taking away from what we have learned in class is that there is no direct and easy solution to this problem along with many others. This one in particular could become our downfall. We must be able to see our shortcomings and deal with the pain of discipline today rather than the pain of regret later.

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