Happy Easter

The fall of the civilization of easter island isn’t such a happy thing; maybe i should’ve named this post “not-so-happy Easter”. During class this week, our required reading was “A New Green History of the World” which discussed the collapse of great civilizations written by Clive Ponting. Easter Island was the topic of discussion during class. My first thought about this excerpt was that i was going to be reading about those large stone heads on the island, which of course i found very interesting, but little did i know i would be reading about things much deeper than that. As i began reading, i was intrigued by the lifestyle of the Easter Island natives and how they went about finding ways to survive. These settlers made adjustments to their lives due to the lack of food, animals, and sources of water on Easter Island. Although they were lacking in resources, these settlers gave it the best they had and formed one of the most advanced societies of their time. Those famous Easter Island head statues i mentioned earlier were transported using timber, which was harvested from the land and used to roll the giant rock monuments to their desired places. Other than discussing the lacking resources, we discussed the collapse of the Easter Island society as a whole. Throughout time, foreigners migrated to the island and attempted to take over the land and start new. Although it seemed to be a success at the time, the island was already in a downward spiral and that somehow wasn’t noticed until later in time. Once it was all over and done, the island had little to no plants, animals, sources of water, and no traditions left to pass on to future natives. This reading to me seems parallel to the happenings in our society today. Dwindling resources and loss of tradition are two very prevalent things happening worldwide. One of the main things i have taken from this reading is that history really does repeat itself and it is inevitable. Looking at the mistakes made from the islanders and the brutal actions of foreigners to rid the land of the natives, i can’t help but think of the many times that this has happened in the world since then. In my opinion, this reading opened up my eyes and helped me realize that these problems will happen, but if we have a better understanding of these wicked problems, our world today could be filled with less of them. My thoughts on this reading have helped me make an important discovery; looking at these issues from a different perspective could possibly help better our society by helping the people of our world think with a selfless mind.

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