The Wackiest, Wicked Week of My Life

Near the end of May I was sitting in a seat in a computer lab in Classroom Building on Oklahoma State University’s campus wearing America’s brightest orange enrolling for the classes I would take this Fall. My adviser was sitting next to me and helped me pick all the classes I was required to take. I saw Wicked Problems on my four year plan sheet and immediately thought, “What could a class called ‘Wicked Problems’ be about?” I had no idea what to expect. I sounded more like a theater class than an industrial society class. I have learned so much about the environment and the major problems around the globe that need focused on.

Going into my first week of a full schedule of college courses, the week directly after rush week, I was mentally and physically drained. By Wednesday, between sorority, class and homework, I felt stressed to the max already. I was quick to judge my first week as one big wicked problem. Through all the stress and chaos, this has been one of the best weeks of my life and I would not have wanted to start college any other way. It has been the wackiest, wicked week of my life.

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