Ears open, Mind turning

Has anything ever suddenly made an impression on you and then everything after that seems to point to that one thing, like in everything you do? After the first class I began to think about what was said in the movie clip shown, that some people don’t “believe” in global warming. Like it was some kind of myth or religion you could choose to except. It brought to my attention that there really are two sides to everything. It bugged me all day, I watched these people in my hall argue and each had a different story, about 10 breakup songs came on my radio about two sides to the breakup, each with different emotions! Then we began to discuss the different topics and identifying if they were wicked, which opened up the topics for me and I thought about all the people out there who are working very hard and diligently to come up with a solution, and then there are people mindlessly walking around. Then, there are people in the middle of the scale who realize the problem, but feel the need to keep up with the fast pace economic world so they decide that employment and money is more important. Going through the topics in class made me realize that more often than not I do not have an opinion in controversial topics as such. Most of the time I consider myself a very perspicacious person so I struggle with choosing a side in an argument. My hope is that through discussing the topics aloud with a class of different people, who all have different opinions, I can formulate my own perspective on world topics but also be aware of all sides to the argument.

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