Easter Island and Earth

When I first enrolled in this class and I saw the word “wicked” in the course title, and I didn’t know what to think. I was a little skeptical about this class and its long title it had with it and I had no idea of what the class would be like. After the first day of class, I was confused. After watching the documentary on the first day of class, I thought it would be all about the environment.  Then I thought to myself that the course should just be called “sustainability.”

Then Thursday came around, and then I knew why it was called Wicked Problems. After reading about Easter Island and how they faced a problem, I soon learned just how wicked their problem was. The problem with Easter Island is that the people on the island did that to themselves because they treated their island so poorly. It reminds me just how similar this can relate to today and our world and environment around us. Today, we are treating our Earth like we have unlimited resources, when we all know, we don’t. Earth is facing so many problems just like Easter Island faced, and there are infinite solutions that could fix some of the problems we face, but with that also comes with many restrictions that prevent us with doing so. And that is what makes our problems wicked.

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