Leonardo DiCaprio Changes Global Warming

Reading through my syllabus and seeing that it said “Required Materials: cushion or yoga mat for mindfulness exercises,” I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into. Over the summer, I changed my major into merchandising as a junior. That alone scared me because I wasn’t sure how my future would play out but then after reading the required materials, I became more confused than ever. I wasn’t sure the true meaning of this course and then became worried if I made the right or wrong decision.

First day walking into class, it all became clear. The title of this course made me understand the true meaning of “wicked.” To be able to look at an industrial practice and to then point out if it is wicked or not, is a skill that I didn’t know I needed. When I began reading about Easter Island, I honestly became confused. Confused as to why Easter Island truly is a wicked problem. Confused as to why there are so many unsolved answers. Being able to break out into those groups and really discuss the problems made me realize how imperative and wicked these problems really are.

What stood out to me most was definitely the move that we watched the first day. The fact that Leonardo DiCaprio was in it definitely stood out to me but I learned about how weak our economy is. As humans, it’s not in our daily schedule to think about the issues going on around us or to think about how it is affecting us. Whether its climate change, deforestation or fossil fuel, these issues need to be known. The fact that I can go about my daily schedule and not even think about the cities and countries that are suffering whether that’s a drought or hurricane, baffles me. This past week has already taught me so much and that it’s important for us to take care of our earth because we truly don’t know how much longer it will be here.

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