My Wicked Week

On June 22nd, I was sitting in the auditorium here at Oklahoma State. I was so stoked to finally enroll in all my classes that I would have to take. A man helped me find my way to the Human Sciences Building (where I would enroll.) I met my adviser and she helped me pick all my classes. I saw a class with the word “Wicked” written across and I can honestly say I was so confused/nervous. My mind instantly went to the Theatre play. I figured maybe I was having to take a theater class for my major? I have no idea, I just went along with it. By the time rush week came around, everyone asked me what my major was and Fashion merchandising was my response. Every time I would say my major the girls asked me about wicked. That got me even more scared just because they made it sound like it would be pretty tough. The first day of school came around and I was anxious entering this class. I walked in, met my teacher and thought it wouldn’t be so bad after all. I was right. Yes, it has to do with environmental wicked problems and it can get confusing with all the wickedness but it’s interesting to learn about. We’ve learned about undefined solutions to the problem and so on. I am actually pretty eager to learn more.

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